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Our Services

At Huis Africa, we strive to go beyond the brick and mortar to tell the unique story of every property that we list and manage under our portfolio.


Our comprehensive and detailed listing structure guarantees that we’ll match you with the ideal tenant/buyer. Our quality and reliable data from an array of properties from semi-detached units to condominiums and town houses takes the guess work out of property shopping to ensure that you have all you need to make informed decisions. Our services range from listing & marketing to drafting of tenancy/purchase agreements and everything in between.


Property & Facilities Management

Investing in real estate is capital intensive and therefore the value of your investment needs to appreciate. Our team of dedicated experts employ the breakthrough Logiic Tools TM software to provide you with rent projections, handle letting and tenant mix, undertake building maintenance & management, as well as provide advisory services among others. Our feedback system keeps you updated on the progress of your property investment whilst freeing you up to focus on other equally important matters.


Valuation & Data Analysis

We undertake valuation of properties and plant & machinery, and our valuations are based on standards prescribed by the Ghana Institution of Surveyors. We also offer data analysis services on demand. Whether you are interested in rent projections on commercial properties or a viability report on a proposed residential project, we provide reports based on analysis of reliable data.



The real estate industry can be a difficult space to navigate, and we are here to help you make sense of it. Our expertise from various sectors of the real estate industry align with our commitment to ensure that our clients receive the best services possible. From breaking down the terms of an indenture to advising on land use patterns and property mergers, we offer consultancy services on all things real estate.