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Our website has been designed to ensure that users of our platform gain access to accurate data, which in turn helps you make informed decisions. Our desire to build and maintain trust with our clients ensures that every property we list has been carefully detailed and presented as it exists on the ground. We employ technology to create convenience and quality; from the use of drone technology to tailored property management systems. We’re building a better real estate industry, one client at a time.

Data Building

Huis Africa is building a repository of reliable and accessible information to fill the current gap in the Ghanaian property market. We appreciate the unique role our clients play in this endeavour, and we are mindful of building data without compromising your confidentiality.

Our Story

From our very own experiences as professionals in this field, we were fully aware of the lack of information as well as the insecurity associated with real estate transactions. A little over a year ago, we had a dream to start a company that would address these challenges and become a flagship business within the real estate space. We were passionate, determined, and more importantly, we believed in the dream. All of this stemmed from months of conversations about the numerous ‘opportunities’ in the real estate industry and how our solution could be a best and evolving solution to the problem. After months of working long days and long nights, Huis Africa was finally established.

Huis Africa is a real estate company that offers varied real estate services including brokerage, property/facilities management, valuation/data analysis as well as real estate advisory services. We understand the real estate market because we have learnt it, we have experienced it, we have worked in it and we are still working to make it better.We believe that everyone should be able to undertake real estate transactions in a secure, informed, transparent and professional space; and this drives us to put in the effort and make the sacrifices required to make this possible. So, the next time you want information on real estate, don’t google it; Huis Africa it!